Hybrid Clubs: The Clubs of a Modern Golf Player

Many people consider golf as a sport of choice and concentration. Playing golf is also a great way to build your social contacts and relationship with many people too. Some businessmen and salesmen use golf as a way to build a stronger and more established rapport with their clients and business associates. Others consider golf as a great way to spend time with their love ones and friends.

For some players and enthusiasts, golf is also a very expensive sport to play andCheap golf clubs maintain. Most golf equipments, especially golf clubs, are pretty expensive and costly. A lot of players, especially people from the upper class, can have their means to buy the latest and the best golf clubs available in the market today. However, there are also some golf players who purchase cheap golf clubs in order to enjoy this hobby too.

If you are on a budget, buying golf clubs will not be as easy as an ordinary window shopping task. It may be a confusing situation for you to choose whether you will spend all your money to buy the expensive ones of the best quality or buy the cheap golf clubs available and spend your remaining money on other golf equipments. In buying your own set, always keep in mind that you should be as precise as possible and always stick to your budget. Cheap golf clubs are also pretty good since some golf companies are offering cheap golf clubs with good quality too.

There are four different types of golf clubs available in the market today: the wood, the iron, the putter, and the hybrid.

Wood types are especially made for long distance fairways. Irons, which are the most adaptable ones, are commonly used for different kinds of shots and situations. Putters are used to roll your target golf ball from the greens to the cup. And a hybrid, a combination of a wood and an iron, has the characteristics of both types.

Compared to the other golf types, the most increasing in popularity now is the hybrid. Hybrids have a club head which looks like a wood and are often used by many players for difficult roughs which require a long shot. For players who are having a hard time using a long iron for any long shots, then, hybrids will be easier for them to use.

Hybrids are also good substitutes for fairway woods although fairway woods have better speed and have greater chances for a better distance hit. However, hybrids feature lots of benefits for golf players of all levels.
Provides increased distance

A hybrid can send a ball with a distance of 5 to 8 yards further than how long an iron can do. If a three iron can send a ball with 160 yards, a three hybrid can send a ball with 165 yards. Since hybrids have increased trajectory, it gives extra driving distance to the club.

Superior Head Design

Hybrids are considered as more superior to the irons because of their head design. The head design for a hybrid allows more trajectories when the club is swing. Hybrids, like their iron counterpart, boost the golf player’s confidence when using them.

In addition to providing increased trajectory, better distance and boosting of the golf player’s confidence, hybrids also give other advantages to its user. These clubs, since they have a lighter weight, provide an easier swing ability to the user. These clubs also have a more forgiving face, which can assist the player more in making errant shots in the field.

Getting the right golf club for you is not an easy and ordinary task. Always remember that each golf player is different, some may be best for others and not good for you.
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The Employers Approach On E-Cigarettes in the Workplace

People patronizing e-cigarettes and e liquids are increasing. The use of the device exceeds the market by $2 billion yearly and is growing fast among adolescents and young adults. Given the dominance of e-cigarettes, employers are faced with the concern of whether the device should be allowed in the workplace.

Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

The study regarding the health effects of vaping e-cigarette is still in its infancy.E-Cigarettes Second hand vapor is considered safer as compared to second hand tobacco smoke because e-cig vapor does not have carbon monoxide, tar or other harmful by-products of burning tobacco. Some studies have found out that the e – cig vapor has trace amounts of carcinogens, nicotine and other dangerous chemicals. However, there are no proof as to whether exposure to trace amounts of these chemicals is harmful to the user’s health.

Regulations Governing Electronic Cigarettes

Some states and municipalities in the US have passed laws prohibiting the use of e-cigs in the workplace. Other states have yet to pass and implement the same laws.

The US FDA is expected to issue laws concerning the use of e-cigs and e liquids. The FDA cannot ban the use of the device. They can only regulate certain aspects concerning e-cigs like sales, registration, manufacturing practices, packaging, and age restrictions.

In England and France, smoking traditional tobacco is prohibited in the working area, but not e-cigs. At present, there are no plans to modify this approach in England although the UK authority has indicated that restrictions on electronic cigarette companies’ ability to market their device and sell to minors are in the process. France’s Supreme Court and the French Minister of Social Affairs and Health are taking some steps on prohibiting the use of e-cigs in workplaces.

The Things Employers Should Do

Given the continuous changing rules and the uncertainty of the risks of health effects from using e-cigs and e liquids,  employers should exercise caution before allowing the use of e-cig in the working areas.

Although the impact of second hand vapor in health is still under study, some people have reported that the vapor caused irritation in their eyes, triggered allergic reactions, and worsened respiratory problems. Any of these claims can give rise to workers compensation claims or plain negligence lawsuits. Employers who let their employees smoke tobacco in the working area were subject to substantial liability once the dangers of secondhand smoke were confirmed. If the workers eventually are able to provide proof that they suffered adverse health effects due to e-cigs or inhaling the vapor that e liquids releases, the liability of employers who allowed the use of the device in the working area could be also problematic.

The use of e-cig in the working area may also cause conflict among employees. There are some who find the smell of the vapor of e-cigarette offensive. Regulations concerning the use of the device in the workplace should be modified to ensure safety of the workers and the users a well.

In creating a policy on the use of e-cigarettes in the workplace, employers should consider the following:

  • To prohibit the use of e-cig expressly in all working areas, company cars and where the staff is deployed to client sites.  This may be a change to extend the area of an existing alcohol and drug policy to add e-cigs or make a new set of rules in case there is no policy in place.
  • To assign an area for electronic cigarette users if the company has a place for traditional smoking.
  • To allow staff to use e-cigarettes in social contexts. The policy rules should be specific and clear. In case the employees fail to adhere to these policies, it may result in disciplinary action.

Electronic cigarettes and e liquids are popular these days, however, there are some complications when it comes to the use of the device in public areas, particularly in the working areas.

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